What is LON-CAPA?



LON-CAPA is a web-based course management system that has some integration with Brightspace such as rosters and grad syncing.  Primarily, LON-CAPA is used to create assessments and homework problems.  It includes a large network which gives the instructor access to an extensive problem library.


LON-CAPA is a free, open-source, distributed assessment system that provides access to a large content library of discipline specific problems. LON-CAPA enables the instructor to use approximately 30 different problem types ranging from traditional multiple choice questions to advanced multi-part problems that utilize mathematical formulas or diagrammatic representation of chemical compounds. Problems can be generated using random values for defined variables for use with practice problems or to provide unique assessments for each student. Students can also discuss individual problems with classmates using the optional discussion forum attached to each problem.

Instructors and students at Purdue do not automatically have access to login to LON-CAPA.  If you are an instructor and would like to start using LON-CAPA, please email tlt@purdue.edu.  If you are a student who needs access to a LON-CAPA course, please contact your instructor.

For additional information and help related to your LON-CAPA account, please use the 'Purdue IT Request' button on this article.

NOTE:  New classes will not be available in LON-CAPA after Spring 2023. Class information will be available in LON-CAPA through Fall 2023.


If your Purdue Career Account is locked through the BoilerAD domain, you will not be able to login to LON-CAPA.  To prevent your account from becoming locked, please see "What steps should I take with my mobile device when resetting my password?"  You may check to see if your account is locked by calling the Purdue IT Service Desk at (765) 494-4000.

Other troubleshooting tips are available in these KB articles:


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