How do I use the Adobe Creative Cloud Application Manager?

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Instructions for using the Adobe Creative Cloud Application Manager.


Follow the instructions below: 

1. To sign into Adobe Creative Cloud, double-click the Adobe Creative Cloud shortcut on the Desktop.1

Adobe Creative Cloud icon

Alternatively, you can double-click the Creative Cloud system tray icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of the Desktop.

Creative cloud icon in toolbar

2. Enter your Purdue email address in the Email Address field and press the Enter key.  You do not need to enter a password during this step.

NOTE:  The email address needs to be your Purdue Career Account username  Alternate email addresses cannot be used.

Creative Cloud login screen

3. You will be redirected to the Purdue CAS log-in page.  Enter your Purdue Career Account username and password  and authenticate. 

4. During the first time logging in, the Creative Cloud Application Manager will automatically update.  Please allow the update to complete.  The Creative Cloud Application Manager will then restart automatically.

Creative Cloud update screen

5. Once the update is complete, the Creative Cloud Application Manager will open, displaying the many applications available.  You can then pick and choose which applications to install.  Click the Install button to start the process automatically.  This will only need to be done once per application.

NOTE:  The applications are large in size and will take several minutes to install.  It is recommended that you only install the products you intend to use.

Creative Cloud manager

There are also web applications that can be launched from the Creative Cloud Application Manager, which will open the web application in your default internet browser.
Launch applications button

Adobe Acrobat Professional is also available to install.

Adobe Acrobat professional button

6. Once an application is installed, the application will have an Open option next to it.
Apps screen

You may launch the application from this location, or navigate to the Windows Start Menu and launch the application.


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