How do I request Adobe Creative Cloud for my university or personal computer?

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Adobe Creative Cloud is not available to purchase for personally owned computers.  However, as part of Purdue's License Agreement with Adobe, eligible customers can install it on personally owned computers after working with their local IT to procure the software for their University-owned computer.  Local IT will need to verify eligibility and then submit a request to  see below for instructions on how local IT can submit a request to add a user to the Adobe Admin Console. 
NOTE: There may be a cost to the department associated with procuring the software. 

To find contact information for your local IT organization, see


How to submit a request to add a user to the Adobe Admin Console 

These instructions are for individuals who are authorized to make this request.  To be added to the Admin Console, please contact your local IT support. 

To provide a user with access to Adobe Creative Cloud for use on their University-owned or personally-owned computer, they will need to be added to the Adobe Admin Console.  When submitting a request to add a user to the Admin Console via TDX.  Authorized individuals must use the following naming convention for the ticket title  [Academic College/School or IT Group: Adobe Add Request] and use the attached template .CSV file to  provide the following information

  • User Name /Purdue Alias
  • Purdue Email Address
  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • IT Group Name 
  • Product Configuration

The request should be sent to by local IT after confirming eligibility.  Eligible employees to be added to the Adobe Admin Console only include those faculty and staff that are also included in our Adobe FTE count including emeritus retirees.  Staff that are not covered and are ineligible include non-paid, temporary employees, consultants, volunteers, retirees, and student (graduate/undergraduate) employees. 

Please allow two business days for requests to be completed.


Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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