How do I update SAS to the New Term's License?

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New SAS license SID files are available each year upon Purdue's renewal of the software agreement with SAS inc. and will arrive on Purdue's Community Hub Storefront in December or January of each year.


Download the SAS License File

New license files are only required if you have an expired SAS installation.  The current license is always included in the Full Version download.  The License Update is a smaller package that just includes the new term's license SID file for SAS 9.3 or 9.4, and is available at:

Note: If you have a version of SAS older than SAS 9.3, you will need to order and download the full version of SAS 9.4, and update.

SAS is available to eligible users in the Statistical Software section. 

1. On the appropriate product page for either Personal or University installation, Select the 'License Update (For Expired Installs)' option for your platform.  Be sure to order the appropriate License Update as the SID files received will not work on an incorrect Operating System.

2. Once the order process is complete, download the .zip file from the order page or order e-mail.  Extract the included SID Files within the zip to a location on your computer where you can easily access them. 

Launch Renew SAS Software application

Locate the 'Renew SAS Software' program in **All Programs --> SAS --> Utilities in the Windows Start Menu.

Start menu

1. Right-click on the 'Renew SAS Software icon' instead of launching the application and select 'Run As Administrator'.  Click 'Yes' if prompted by the User Account Control dialog box.

Run as administrator

2. From the Renew SAS Software program, click the 'Browse' button.  Locate the appropriate SID license file extracted from License Update download.  Select it and Click 'Open'.  Then click the 'Next' button.

3. Review the Verify SAS Installation Data screen.  Make sure all appropriate products have the new term's expiration date.  Click 'OK'.

Verify SAS Installation Data

4. Confirm the location of the SAS Installation.  By default on Windows, the location should be:

  • SAS 9.3:  c:\Program Files\SAS Home\SASFondation\9.3
  • SAS 9.4:  c:\Program Files\SAS Home\SASFondation\9.4

5. Click the 'Renew' button. 

Remove SAS software

You should see a dialog box reporting that the setnit was successfully applied. Your SAS installation should now be renewed for the current licensing term.


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