Why am I being asked to log into Self Service Banner after logging into myPurdue?


This article provides links and other troubleshooting for resolving multiple login requests from myPurdue.


When this occurs, clear cache and cookies in your browser. You can find instructions for clearing cache and cookies by visiting the following help articles (as they pertain to your browser preference).


If you are using Firefox, and clearing your cache does not resolve the issue, please try the following:

  1. Go to the 'about:config' screen in Firefox by typing about:config in your browsers address bar.
  2. Type in 'cookie' in the 'Filter' field.
  3. Right-Click on 'network.cookie.cookieBehavior', click 'Modify', and set the value to '0'

Other Firefox help: Why do I get a Gone message when accessing some sections of myPurdue with Firefox?

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