Why do I get a 'Gone message' when accessing some sections of myPurdue with FireFox?

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When accessing myPurdue via the FireFox bowser, somer users report getting a "Gone" message. This article gives advice on navigating the error. 


If you receive the following error: 

This may happen when a person is trying to access the pages and they are on a network that is behind a corporate firewall.  Try accessing myPurdue from a different network.

Additionally, you might receive this error when you try to access some areas of myPurdue when your Firefox browser is set to block sending the 'Referer' HTTP Header. Firefox may have an add-on installed that blocks the Referrer header, or the about:config configuration panel may have been changed.

To check/modify the Firefox configuration:

  1. Open a new browser session and type 'about:config' in the address bar (without the quotes listed here).

     2.   You should now see a list under the 'Preference Name' section.

     3.   In the 'Filter' field, type the following: 'network.http.send'

     4.   If the 'Value' field in 'network.http.sendRefererHeader' is not set to '2', right click on 'network.http.sendRefererHeader', select 'Modify' and change to the number '2' and click 'OK'.

 5.   If 'network.http.sendSecureXSiteReferrer' is set to false, right click on 'network.http.sendSecureXSiteReferrer' and click on 'Toggle' to change the 'Value' to 'True'.

6.   Completely exit from Firefox, open a new browser session and log back into myPurdue.


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