How does MATLAB licensing work?


This article describes how MATLAB licensing works.


Purdue University has a Site License for Mathworks MATLAB that covers University and personally owned computers of faculty, staff, and students on the West Lafayette, Fort Wayne, and Northwest campuses. To install MATLAB on self-supported University computers or personally owned computers, creating a Mathworks account using an email is required to obtain a license and download MATLAB.

Obtaining MATLAB

Users that need MATLAB installed on University-owned computers supported by IT should contact their departmental IT to request the installation of MATLAB.

For self-managed University computers or personally owned computers, Purdue University faculty, staff, and active students should create a Mathworks account using their Purdue University e-mail address on Purdue’s MATLAB portal at:

1. Select the Sign in to get started button.
2. Use the link Create One!
  • After Mathworks account creation, a page will confirm the account creation and provide a link to Install MATLAB.

3. Select Install MATLAB to install the software on self-managed University computers or a personal computer.

4. After the download completes, launch the MATLAB installer.  See for specific instructions for your operating system. 

5.  Accept the License Agreement and Select Purdue’s MATLAB License from the list.

For any installation questions or problems, contact MathWorks support at:


To transition a previous install of MATLAB to Purdue’s Site License on a personally-owned computer or self-managed University-owned computer, or add additional Toolboxes available to a Site License install of MATLAB, use the MATLAB installer available to download through your Mathworks account. See the following URL for details:


Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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