What is PlanView Pro (previously Innotas) and how do I get help with it?


This article describes PlanView Pro (previously Innotas) and how do to get help with it.


PlanView Pro is a project portfolio management and application portfolio management software system used within Purdue IT.

If you would like an account, please follow the instructions at How do I request a new Resource account in Innotas?If you are having trouble logging into your account, or need to have an account deleted, please send the person's full name and username to the Service Desk by clicking the "Purdue IT Request" button.

Innotas is compatible with the current and previous versions of Microsoft Big, the latest version of Firefox, and the latest version of Chrome.  You can find more information about system requirements here https://cdn.innotas.com/help/System_Requirements/System_Requirements.htm.

Here are some examples of issues you could encounter:

  • I accidentally submitted my timesheet before I was ready. 
    • Be sure to include your name and the start date of the timesheet that you would like unapproved and sent back to you for changes.
  • The 'billable' box is grayed out.
    • Be sure to include the name of your project.
  • I am having a problem with a report in Innotas.
    • Include the report name, the project name, and as much other information as possible to help us resolve the issue.
  • I am having a problem with a Dashboard in Innotas.
    • Include the dashboard name, the project name, and as much other information as possible to help us resolve the issue.
  • I am having problems logging in to Innotas.
    • Close your browser (all sessions) and re-open, using this link:  https://purdueit.innotas.com/.  If you still have issues, please contact the IT Service Desk at (765) 494-4000 or by email to it@purdue.edu.

There is online help available at this website https://www.purdue.edu/projectmanagementoffice/. The topics covered here are:


Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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