What is Cascade CMS?

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This article describes Cascade CMS.


Cascade is a content management system used to create web pages.  Website developers independently build websites inside Cascade, which allows their customers with no web development experience to update webpages through a WYSIWYG editor.  WYSIWYG is an acronym for "What You See Is What You Get."  The editor allows users to format and edit content like a word processor (such as Microsoft Word(r)).

Each site within Cascade has designated Site Administrators who are responsible for managing the access of their customers to website content within Cascade, training customers on how to edit and maintain the website, and supporting the website itself.  Site Administrators self-manage access to their site within Cascade through user groups.  If a customer's account does not yet exist inside Cascade then the Site Administrator can make a request to it@purdue.edu to have the account added.

Further detailed information about the Cascade CMS can be found on the Purdue Cascade CMS site at https://www.purdue.edu/cascade-help/.


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