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Purdue email existing users who have previously had their email automatically delivered to a non-Purdue email address will be impacted by a change to Purdue's email system on May 20 and need to take steps to  ensure their emails are routed properly.
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OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud-based online storage solution. Being associated with Purdue University, everyone has access to 1TB of OneDrive Storage.
Instructions for adding Microsoft Office 365 to your computer.
The names used in Office 365 after activation with your Purdue career account will be the same as those that are listed with the Registrar's office on your official records.
Purdue faculty, staff and students can modify their pronouns on their Microsoft 365 profile by following the the instructions from Microsoft Support.
If you do not own a smartphone, or plan to be in a part of the world where you will not have Internet access and are therefore unable to use Microsoft Authenticator, a physical token may be utilized.
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How to submit a request for a Purdue-owned basic cell phone.
The content of this article, along with additional SharePoint resources, can now be accessed at
Internal article (visible only to technicians with TDNext access): Explains how to add users to calendars using Exchange Admin Center for Exchange administrators.
You can add or change your profile photo in Microsoft 365 from, or while using Microsoft 365 applications on your computer or in a browser on your phone.
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