What can I do if I have run Webfix and am still getting a '503: Forbidden' error?


If you've already run webfix, you know the index page is named index, you know all your files and pictures are under the 'www' folder, and you are still getting the '503: Forbidden' error on your website, try the following.

  1. Create a back-up of the contents of your 'www' folder somewhere else on the computer. 
    Example: Create a folder on your desktop and name it 'www backup', and copy your website files to there.
  2. Delete your 'www' folder completely.
  3. Create a new folder in the root of your career account home directory and name it 'www' (lower case).
  4. Copy the contents of your website back from the 'www' backup folder to the new 'www' folder.  Don't delete the backup yet.
  5. Run 'webfix'.
  6. Your site should now work.

NOTE: If your site works now, you can delete the backup.


If the above doesn't work, please try the following.

  1. Delete the 'www' folder again and create a new one again.  Make sure your backup still exists before doing this.
  2. Open Microsoft Word, and create a new blank document.  Save it as a webpage type ('.html' or '.htm') named index into the new 'www' folder you created.
  3. Run 'webfix'.
  4. Go to your website.  You should see a blank page with no error messages.
  5. Copy the contents of your website from your backup into your new 'www' folder, replacing the blank 'index.html' file.
  6. Test your website again.


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