What is Alertus?



Alertus is a component of the Purdue Emergency Notification system.  Purdue has desktop notifications and Beacons installed.


Alertus Desktop

When an emergency occurs and a warning is activated, Alertus Desktop will pop up a full-screen alert on PCs and Macs that have the client installed.  The alert will take over the whole screen with a warning.  Alertus Desktop is activated when Rave triggers an emergency alert to the Alertus server.  Clients poll the server at preset intervals and activates within seconds in the case of an emergency.

Here is an example of an Alertus Desktop Notification:

Capture of Alertus Desktop notification

Alertus Beacons

Alert Beacons are wall-mounted devices that flash and sound off to capture the attention of building occupants at a distance, and display a custom message from public safety/security about the nature of the emergency and appropriate response.  Alert Beacons are mounted in prominent locations throughout the facility.

Alertus Beacons shown below:

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