How do I set up a local printer for OnePurdue (SAPgui) printing?

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This article provides step-by-step instructions for two options for printing from the SAPgui client.


There are 2 options for printing in the SAPgui. 

The first option

  1. Select the 'Customizing of Local Layout' icon and then select 'Hard Copy'.
  2. The item will print to the default printer set-up in Windows. 
    NOTE:  No printer choices are offered when using the 'Hard Copy' option.
  3. If no default printer is set-up on your computer, you will not receive an error, but nothing will print.
  4. Check to see that a default printer is set-up on the computer.

The second option is to select the printer icon 

  1. When at a screen that needs printed in the SAPgui, select the 'printer' icon.  The following box will appear.
  2. Click on the 'selection' box next to 'Output Device' (see example above). 
  3. Once the 'selection' box has been selected, the 'Output Device' (Print Parameters) box will appear (see example below).  
    NOTE:  You will need to click on the green check box.
  4. Once the green check has been selected, you will see the following and will need to double-click on 'Local Default Printer'.
  5. Once you have double-clicked on 'Local Default Printer' (LOCA), you should see the following screen and should click on the green check box.
  6. You should now see the following and will need to click on the green check box.
  7. You will then see the page you want to print.
  8. To check the printer set-up, click on the 'printer' icon again.
  9. To check on the 'Properties', select the 'Properties' icon.
  10. The line that says 'Time of Printing' should show a parameter value of 'Print out immediately.'  If it does not, double-click on that line and change the 'parameter' value.
  11. Select 'Print immediately'.  Then select the green check box. 
  12. Select the green check box again on the next screen.
  13. This should allow you to print to your local default printer as defined on your system. 


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