How do I find my PUID number?


The PUID number has replaced the use of Social Security Numbers on University forms. The format is 'XXXXX-XXXXX'.

If you are a newly admitted student, see: I'm a new admitted student and just accepted my offer, I want to know my PUID


Locating your PUID number (Current students, faculty or staff members)

  • Option 1: Look on the front of your PUID card.  For more information on your PUID card, please visit the Card Services office.
  • Option 2: Go to the Purdue Directory, and click 'Update your Directory Listing'.
    • Log in using  your Purdue career account name and password. 
    • Your ID number will be listed under "PUID".
  • Other options: 
    • Faculty and staff can contact their Business Office.
    • Graduate Students may also find your PUID on your online admission letter.

Students who have been admitted, but have not been to campus may contact the Admissions office at (765)494-1776.

Other Sources that contain PUID

  • Any bill from the Bursar's Office.
  • New admissions package.

Tip: For more information about PUID numbers, please visit this Purdue University Identification page.


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