How to anonymize responses in Qualtrics?

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Enabling the Anonymize Responses setting is an effective way to permanently scrub a response of identifying information before saving it in the data. When responses are gathered with the Anonymous Link, enabling this setting will remove the respondents’ IP address and location data from your results.

When responses are gathered with the Individual Link, enabling this setting will remove the IP address and location data and disconnect the response from the contact who provided it. In this way, you can know which contacts have responded (through your distribution history and contact history), but not which response belongs to which contact.

Attention: Once you turn on the Anonymize Responses setting, your respondents’ identifying information is hidden. If this setting was turned on before a response was collected, that response’s identifying information will never be retrievable. If this setting was turned on after a response was collected, the response’s identifying information will be retrievable. Proceed with caution! Note, if you have XM Directory, this information will still be available in the contact’s Touchpoint Timeline after anonymizing responses. Please note that appending embedded data fields from XM Directory to a survey response may result in the survey response no longer being anonymous.

Read more at Qualtrics page on Anonymizing Responses


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