How do I make Tableau run faster?

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Your Tableau repository is currently located in your Documents folder. Occasionally a lag can prevent the application from completing tasks and can generate error messages. A simple workaround would be to move your repository location to a local drive.


  1. Open Tableau Desktop
  2. Navigate to File > Repository Location
  3. Locate a local drive (Ex: directly on your C: drive) 
  4. Create a new folder directly on the C: drive
  5. Select and save the repository in the new folder
  6. Restart Tableau so that it uses the new repository

Keep in mind that Tableau will now store your extracts locally unless you change the location when you create the extract. This should not be a long-term storage location. It would be best practice to move your content back to a network drive once your work is published. The network drive is backed up and provides the strongest security.  

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