How do I move my data for the ESS OneDrive Change?


This article provides instructions for moving your Desktop, Documents, and Favorites data from your W:drive (home directory) to OneDrive on an ESS (formerly CSDS) supported computer.


  1. Click the start menu and type “File Explorer” and open it. Off to the left, look for “Computer” followed by the name and click on it.
  2. Under network locations, you should see your W: drive. Double click to open it.

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  1. You should see a folder for your Desktop, Documents, and Favorites.

    1. Please review the data in these folders. **OneDrive is not intended nor should it be used for sensitive or restricted data.** These files will have to be excluded from the data transfer.
      1. Sensitive and restricted data should never be stored on your PC/Laptop.

      2. You might see 2 Documents folders. Please review both and determine which files you want to move to OneDrive.

      3. It is appropriate to store sensitive data on your W: Drive (Isilon), but it should not be synced to your PC/Laptop.

      4. Restricted data is not allowed on the W: Drive (Isilon) and should be deleted or relocated to a secure location. Please reference this site for appropriate locations

  2. You will want to copy over the contents one folder at a time. For this example, we will do the Desktop first.
    1. Double Click on the Desktop Folder to open it.
    2. Click on the first file to be selected.
    3. Hold down Ctrl and click on all the files that you want to select. If you want to copy All files, you can hit Ctrl+A.
    4. Once all the files that you want to bring over to OneDrive are highlighted you can copy them by hitting Ctrl+C or rightclick->copy.
    5. Navigate to your OneDrive -> CSDSData\Desktop Folder
      1. Off to the left in File Explorer, you should see OneDrive –, Click it.
      2. You should see the CSDSDATA folder. Double click it and you should find your Desktop Folder, then double click the Desktop Folder as well.
    6. You can now either hit Ctrl+V or rightclick->paste. Your data will begin transferring.
  3. Repeat steps 1-4 for the remaining Documents and Favorites folders.
  4.  Validate that all the files have been copied to the OneDrive location. And go back to step 4 if anything is missing.
  5. Delete the Desktop, Documents, and Favorites folders that are on the W: Drive. This will eliminate the opportunity for you to update the incorrect version of a document.

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