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The Web Services team provides and supports the Purdue West Lafayette campus with various types of web hosting, along with the tools needed to manage them, to all Purdue University academic and business units. Web Services also maintains an online knowledge base to help site and application developers use the tools and platforms provided.


Getting Started

To learn how to begin using hosting provided by Purdue IT Web Services, please visit our getting started page. The menus across the top of the site will take you directly to the servicesformstoolshelp, and resources we provide.

Services Offered

Purdue IT Web Services primarily offers shared web hosting environments to the Purdue University community for academic or University business purposes as well as tools for managing sites in our hosting environments. We can also set up dedicated hosting environments where needed. Beyond services we provide directly, we also integrate our hosting environments with services provided by other groups on campus, such as the Cascade content management system (CMS).

Web Hosting Environments

  • Apache HTTPD/PHP
    • The Primary Purdue Web Cluster (PPWC)
    • Load-balanced Linux/Apache/PHP cluster
    • Capable of hosting most web content
    • Also supports some Perl and Python applications
  • Microsoft IIS/ASP.Net
    • Load-balanced Windows/IIS/ASP.Net cluster
    • Can host applications that require either ASP.Net or classic ASP
    • Can also host general web content
  • Apache Tomcat
    • Non-cluster Linux/Tomcat environment
    • Hosts Java-based web applications and Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • WordPress
    • Load-balanced Linux/Apache/PHP/WordPress
    • Dedicated MySQL Database Servers
    • For use by WordPress sites only
    • Recommended for sites managed by smaller teams. For larger sites the Cascade CMS is recommended.

Support Tools

  • The Deploy Tool
    • Allows developers to securely promote content from Development to QA (Quality Assurance, a.k.a. Test or Staging) and to Production tiers on Web Services systems
    • Provides reliable replication of site content to all members of a load-balanced cluster
    • Also allows WordPress site developers to easily refresh QA and Development sites with a copy of Production content for testing and development purposes
  • Web Log Analytics (Webmetrix)
    • Log-based traffic analysis for all hosted sites and applications
    • Automatically available for all sites hosted by Web Services, no request needed
    • Complimentary to services like Google Analytics

Dedicated/Departmental Web Hosting

  • Available if our primary services won’t meet the needs of a customer
  • Various platforms and levels of support are available
  • Please contact Web Services for information about currently available environments and to request dedicated hosting

Cascade Integration

Cascade is an Enterprise, back-end content management system supported by the Collaboration team and hosted by Web Services. It is capable of publishing to our Apache HTTPD/PHP and Microsoft IIS/ASP.Net environments, as well as any of our dedicated web hosting platforms that support SFTP or Windows file share publishing.

Contact Us

Standard Support Requests

Reporting Outages

  1. Contact the Purdue IT Service Desk  or send an email to itap-webadmin@purdue.edu and describe the service outage or issue. It is very important to mention the URL or URLs affected along with a description of the problem.
  2. If this is a production outage, ask the Purdue IT Service Desk  to page the Web Services admin on-call.

Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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