How to Change Listserv List Subscribers/Members


How to change Listserv List subscribers/members. 


  1. Log into Listserv (see How do I log in to Listserv?)

  2. Change your mode to Expert Mode 
    Profile window with mode button and save button highlighted
    1. Click on name on upper-right corner
    2. Select “Edit Profile”
    3. Under “Mode” select thedrop down and select “Expert Mode”
    4. Click on the “Save” button
  3. Select “Subscriber Reports” on the left section 
    Listerv window with Select List and Add subscriber highlighted
  4. If you manage multiple lists, click on the “Select List” dropdown and select the list you need to make changes to.
  5. To ADD A SUBSCRIBER, in the “Add Subscriber” box, enter the email address (and optionally the first name and last name) and click on the “Add Subscriber” button.
  6. To DELETE A SUBSCRIBER, click on the box to the left of the subscriber you want to delete and click on the “Delete Subscribers” button at the bottom-left of the subscriber list.

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