I can’t connect to my personal OneDrive on my Purdue work computer


  • User can’t connect to their personal OneDrive documents on an ESS supported device  


  • ESS supported devices  


A change in security settings to Microsoft’s OneDrive application for ESS (Endpoint Support Servies) supported computers has blocked the ability for the desktop application to connect to personal OneDrive (non-Purdue owned) accounts and the files they may have previously had access to.  

Users wanting to access files on their personal OneDrive accounts can:  

  1. Go to   https://onedrive.live.com 

  2. Log in with your personal account information 

For users attempting to access both their personal and workplace OneDrive accounts, it may be necessary to run two different profiles on your internet browser. To learn how see: 


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Fri 3/8/24 8:55 AM
Fri 4/19/24 2:59 PM

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