Purdue Fort Wayne- Importing Site Definitions from Dreamweaver


Managing sites in Adobe Dreamweaver involves organizing your web projects, configuring settings, and handling site-related tasks. Taking a step-by-step on how to use Adobe Dreamweaver. 


Steps on how to use Adobe Dreamweaver:

  1. Open Dreamweaver:

    • Launch Adobe Dreamweaver on your computer.
  2. Access the Manage Sites Dialog Box:

    • Click on “Site” in the top menu.
    • Select “Manage Sites…” from the dropdown menu.
    • The Manage Sites dialog box will appear.
  3. Create a New Site:

    • If you haven’t created any sites yet, click the “New Site” button.
    • Specify the name and location for your new site in the Site Setup dialog box.
    • This step sets up a local version of your site within Dreamweaver.
  4. Import an Existing Site:

    • To import an existing site, click the “Import Site” button.
    • This feature allows you to import site settings that were previously exported from Dreamweaver. Note that it does not import site files to create a new Dreamweaver site.
  5. Business Catalyst Sites:

    • If you’re working with Adobe Business Catalyst, you can create or import Business Catalyst sites using the respective buttons in the Manage Sites dialog box.
  6. Additional Options for Existing Sites:

    • Delete: Removes the selected site from your list of Dreamweaver sites (does not delete actual site files).
    • Edit: Allows you to modify information such as username, password, and server details for an existing site.
    • Duplicate: Creates a copy of an existing site.
    • Export: Exports the selected site’s settings as an XML file (*.ste)

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