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Provides directions on how to edit callouts on Camtasia. 


The instructions for editing callouts in Camtasia:

  1. Changing Callout Shape/Color/Effects:
    • Open the Callouts panel.
    • Click the desired callout in the Timeline.
    • To change the shape, select a different callout shape from the Shape section.
    • To change the color, choose a color from the Border drop-down menu (and optionally, the Fill drop-down menu).
    • To change the effect, select a callout effect from the Effects drop-down menu.
    • For some callout shapes, you can also add text and customize its font, size, color, and format.
  2. Resizing/Moving a Callout:
    • Ensure the Playhead indicator is not at the beginning or end of the callout effect.
    • Move the Playhead to the middle part of the callout.
    • The callout shape will appear in the Preview window.
    • To resize the shape, click and drag the callout frame handles.
    • To move the callout, click and drag it to a new position.
  3. Moving a Callout to a Different Frame:
    • Locate the desired callout effect in the Timeline.
    • Click and drag the callout to the new position.
  4. Changing Callout Duration:
    • Locate the callout effect in the Timeline.
    • Hover over the callout edge until the horizontal resize cursor appears.
    • Click and drag the callout edge to adjust the duration.

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