What is a Course Email List and how do I request one?


Course Email Lists are mailing lists that allow Instructors to reach all of the students in a section or course.


Course Email Lists are based on the Mailman mailing list system and are automatically populated with section information according to the Office of the Registrar's records.

There are two options available for Course Email Lists:

  • Announce only - this allows only the instructor to send messages to the list
  • Discussion - this option allows all students and instructors to send messages to the list

To request a Course Email List, navigate to https://www.purdue.edu/innovativelearning/supporting-instruction/instructional-technology/course-email-list.aspx.

You must have the Instructor role in myPurdue to request the list for a class.


Only individuals who have been FERPA certified and listed in Banner as instructor of record or course roster viewer may request Course Email Lists.

Additions to, and deletions from the course roster, will automatically be reflected in the email list within 48 hours of the change.

Instructors can create a separate list for each section in a single large course. However, an umbrella list (a single list for all sections of a large course) can also be created to facilitate the separate lists. That list will include the word umbrella in the address.

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