Steps Needed to Request Access to Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep and/or Tableau Creator

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Overview of the Issue:

In order for users to successfully use Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep, BICC needs to update the user's account on the Tableau Server. Pushing the software to a user does not automatically grant access to Tableau. Due to contractual limitations, there is a specific number of users that can be granted access. It is advisable to send Tableau access requests to BICC first (IT_PWL_BI_SUPPORT) before pushing the software to ensure availability.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Resolution:

1. Contact BICC (IT_PWL_BI_SUPPORT) to request Tableau access for a specific user.

2. Provide the necessary details such as the user's name, department, and reason for needing Tableau access.

3. BICC will review the request and update the user's account on the Tableau Server accordingly.

4. Once their account is updated by BICC, the user will be able to submit a request to add their username to the appropriate Tableau software collections

5. The user will be able to install the software from Company Portal 

6. The user can then “Activate by Signing in to a Server” and add

Necessary Warnings or Precautions:

-Ensure that the user has a legitimate need for Tableau access before requesting it through BICC.

-Do not push Tableau software to users without confirming access availability through BICC.

-Respect the contractual limitations on the number of users who can be granted Tableau access.

Related Issues and Troubleshooting Steps:

- If there are any issues with Tableau access after the account update, contact BICC for further assistance.

Additional Resources or References:

- For more information on BICC and Tableau access requests, visit the BICC website at


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