How do I print to a Purdue IT Learning Spaces printer?


Purdue IT Learning Spaces printers are located in Purdue IT computer labs, Purdue libraries and residence halls, and some academic buildings.



Purdue IT Learning Spaces printers are located in Purdue IT computer labs, Purdue libraries and residence halls, and some academic buildings.


Visit and choose the Instructional Labs option for information on current computer lab hours, printer locations, and more.

Printing From an Purdue IT Computer Station

The two Purdue IT print queues will be mapped on the computer station:

  • itap-printing for black/greyscale print jobs
  • itap-colorprinting for color print jobs
  • Print as you normally would from your application.
  • Instead of a printer, you will select the print queue needed for either greyscale or color printing from the Printer drop down box.
  • Release your print job via PaperCut following the steps noted below under ‘Releasing Your Print Job.’
    Printer selection

There are desktop shortcuts on all Purdue IT computer stations for ‘PaperCut Print Release’ and ‘PaperCut Account.’
PaperCut shortcuts

Printing from YOUR device

Use PaperCut Mobility Print to print from a mobile or personal device.  You will only need to do this process once.  Mobility Print will install the itap-printing and itap-colorprinting queues on your device.

You can then print from any application and choose your desired print queue as your printer option.  Visit or log on to PaperCut ( and click on the ‘Mobility Print’ option on the lower left of the page.

NOTE:  You must be on PAL or the Purdue VPN to access PaperCut.
PaperCut menu

  1. Download Mobility Print
    Download mobility print
  2. Depending on your browser choice and device, you may see a pop-up box to ‘Save File’ for the executable or the option to ‘Run’ the installer.
    Run Installer
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation process.  If you receive a message to check that the Mobility Print Service is turned on, click on the message to check the service is on in your device settings.  You may also get a message to authenticate. Use your Purdue Career Account UserName and Password.
    Mobility Print menu

  4. Select the two print queues:  itap-printing and itap-colorprinting.   You’re ready to print!
    Printer selection options

Sending your print job

Print as you normally would from the application, selecting the print queue needed for your job in the Printer drop-down box.
Select Print Queue

You can set your desired number of copies and adjust print settings as well.   The set-up for these options will vary based on your application but include:

  • Number of copies
  • Single or double-sided (duplex) printing
  • Paper Size

NOTE:  Always choose ‘Letter (8 ½x11”)’ paper size for all greyscale printing.  Any other size including A4 will not print at these devices.

Color printers also have the option for ‘Ledger’ or ‘Tabloid’ size (11x17” paper).
Page set up window.jpg

Releasing your print job from a Purdue IT station

After sending your print job to the itap-printing or itap-colorprinting queue, double click on the ‘PaperCut Print Release’ shortcut on the computer desktop.  You will then see a listing of printers:

  • RECENT:  Printers recently used by you, your personal popular printers/locations
  • POPULAR:  High usage printers, popular by users on campus
  • ALL:  Listing of all printers in alphabetical order by device location.  Locations are noted as building acronyms and room numbers.

NOTE:  The printer name can be found on the label on the front of the printer.
Print release stations

  1. Click on the printer where you want to release your print job.
  2. Then click on the ‘Release’ option to print.
    PaperCut Release option
  3. If you have multiple jobs to release, check the box to the left of the print job name to release all at once to the same printer.  You can also click on the ‘Jobs’ option to see all the jobs and send each to a specific printer.  For example:  Sending one document to a greyscale printer and the other to a color printer.
    PaperCut quota balance

Releasing your print job from YOUR device

  1. Log into PaperCut on your device:
  2. Log on with your Purdue UserName and Password.
    NOTE:   You must be on PAL or the Purdue VPN to access PaperCut.
  3. Choose either ‘Jobs Pending Release’ or ‘Mobile Release’ from the menu options on the left side.
    PaperCut Menu options

Jobs pending release

  1. Select 'print' under the 'ACTION' tab.

  2. Choose the printer for your location.  If you sent multiple jobs, you can release all or select individual jobs.
    Print Release stations selection


I sent my print job but don’t see my printer to release the job.

Verify you sent your job to the right print queue. For example, if you want to print to the Meredith printer, you need to send your job to the itap-printing (black/greyscale) printer. If you send the job to the itap-colorprinting, you won’t see the Meredith printer as an option as it is not a color printer.

I sent my print job but don’t see anything to release in PaperCut.

Make sure you have your print job set to ‘Letter’ (8.5x11”) size when printing to any black/greyscale printers. A4 paper sizes will not print. If you send a PDF that is an A4 size, you will receive an email notification that the job has been cancelled due to the paper size. You will not receive a notification from other applications though.  The job will not show up in PaperCut though as it has been cancelled. You will not be charged.  Purdue IT color printers can also print ‘Ledger’ or ‘Tabloid’ size (11x17”) paper.  If you sent the correct paper size but do not see your job in PaperCut ‘Jobs Pending Release,’ try using the ‘Mobile Release’ option instead.

I’m getting an error that Mobility Print can’t find the print queues to install.

Make sure you are on PAL or the Purdue VPN. You can verify by going to PaperCut:  Remove Mobility Print, download again, and run the installer.  If you have any saved passwords on your device, clear them for anything related to PaperCut and set again.

I’m getting a ‘Hold for Authentication’ error.

These errors are normally related to Keychain authentication. Visit the Keychain Access application. Clear any Keychains for PaperCut, MobilityPrint, itap-printing, or itap-colorprinting. You should then be prompted to authenticate with your Purdue career account and password.

Mobility Print Issues

If you do not receive a prompt to authenticate/enter your Purdue credentials on your Android device, first check your notifications for a message. Then hold down the PaperCut Mobility Print app, select ‘App info,’ navigate to the ‘Advanced’ section, select the ‘Display over other apps’ or ‘Appear on top’ setting to allow the notifications to show on top of other applications.

Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.



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