Why can't I access myPurdue?


Overview article for getting help with accessing myPurdue.



There are a number of reasons why you may experience trouble accessing myPurdue:

  1. myPurdue is available for students, faculty, advisers, and some support staff. If you do not have the proper role or roles identified, you will not be able to access myPurdue. If you are a newly hired employee, you may experience a delay in getting access to myPurdue even though you are able to access other systems. Staff accounts for myPurdue are created based on roles in the Human Resources system. The myPurdue system will not be updated until the hiring process has been completed (including the time it takes to complete the paperwork associated with getting staff entered in to the Human Resources system). If you believe there has been a delay in your paperwork, contact your departmental business office.
  2. Are you using the correct web address? Be sure to use https://mypurdue.purdue.edu/.
  3. Are you using a desktop shortcut or bookmark? If so, is it configured correctly? Can I use a desktop shortcut or bookmark to access myPurdue?
  4. Have you activated your career account? If you are newly admitted to the University you will need to activate your account before accessing the myPurdue portal. How do I setup my Purdue Career Account?
  5. Have you forgotten your username? How do I locate my Purdue Career Account alias?
  6. Have you forgotten or tried resetting your Career Account password? How do I reset my Purdue Career Account password?

  7. Are you using a supported browser? What are the system requirements when accessing student systems though myPurdue?

  8. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

  9. Do you have Javascript enabled?  Why can't I see the login fields for myPurdue or why is the page blank?

NOTE:  If this is a university-owned machine and you have tried all of the above steps without success, contact your computing support area.

NOTE:  If this is your personal system, consult the user manuals for those third party firewall, anti-virus software and router tools. Purdue support staff are unable to troubleshoot or adjust personal systems.

Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.



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