Infrastructure and services that provide assurance of data confidentiality, integrity, and compliance for institutional activities.

Services (5)

Compliance Assurance

Conducting vendor security reviews to ensure vendors are compliant with appropriate regulations for the safe handling of Purdue data and answering questions about regulatory compliance.


Cybersecurity supports Purdue’s cybersecurity training programs, initiatives, and answering your questions.

Identity & Access Management

Identity and access management provides the consistent campus-wide means of managing and identifying everyone for granting access to University resources and ensuring individual privacy.

Research Data Security Planning

Working with researchers to create data security plans and data use agreements to ensure compliance with contractual obligations and appropriate regulatory requirements for secure storage and handling of data.

Secure Computing

Taking action to personally ensure computer security helps protect everyone from data and identity theft, viruses, hackers, and other threats. Every member of the Purdue community who uses a computing device can make Purdue’s computing environment more secure.