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Procurement is responsible for the acquistion of goods and services for the University.

Email and calendaring are essential day-to-day tools for everyone. Using them effectively is key.

Service management is a discipline aimed at providing quality services that the University will value and use.

Identity and access management provides the consistent campus-wide means of managing and identifying everyone for granting access to University resources and ensuring individual privacy.

When you are sure what else to do, submit a general request or report an issue.

Taking action to personally ensure computer security helps protect everyone from data and identity theft, viruses, hackers, and other threats. Every member of the Purdue community who uses a computing device can make Purdue’s computing environment more secure.

Supported personal computer equipment is configured to provide access to various permissions and locations.

Network connectivity is the process of connecting parts of a network to one another and provides Purdue internal connections and to the world.

Conducting vendor security reviews to ensure vendors are compliant with appropriate regulations for the safe handling of Purdue data and answering questions about regulatory compliance.

Use software and technologies to automate business processes and functions to accomplish organization goals.

Wired and wireless network, design, management, and support.

Human Resources supports the University's mission from benefits and career development to talent acquisition and compensation.

Assessment provides a means for making inferences about the learnnig and development of students.

Data, tools, services and expertise that equips Purdue's information producers build effective, efficient, and high quality information.

Courses and registration are key activities within the University.

Computers run on software and we have what you need.

Academic advising and degree planning are essential to student success at Purdue.

Website hosting and monitoring.

Telephone technology and services, also called Unified Communication Services, for Purdue.

The Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (ADDL), with locations in West Lafayette and Southern Indiana at the Heeke Laboratory, is focused on helping Indiana veterinarians, animal health officials, livestock producers, and animal owners in protecting the health of the animal population by providing prompt, accurate, and reliable diagnoses of animal diseases, including those that may affect the human population.

Hands-on opportunities designed to help attendees learn best practices for using specific technology.

Large or small, some projects require a professional to shepherd them through to completion.

At Purdue our goal continues to be providing "higher education at the highest proven value".

Faculty are integral to the University to serve as teachers, researchers and mentors to our students.

Enrollment and retention services for Purdue