Why can’t my Purdue Box collaborators see my files?

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This article describes why a Purdue Box collaborators cannot see my files


This article provides simple troubleshooting steps to address common problems with file access in Box.  Why can't my collaborators see my files in Box?  And, why can't I see my collaborators' files?

There are three common scenarios where a user may not see files shared from or with a Purdue Box account.

Scenario 1

The file was shared with your or your collaborator's alternate email address, and Box doesn't have that address on record.  This happens when a user has a 'friendly' email address in addition to their primary account email address.  At Purdue, your Career Account email is your primary Box address.  So, for example, the file may be shared with myfullname@purdue.edu instead of mycareer@purdue.edu.  This can also be true of users at other institutions. 

Solution 1:  Re-share the file with the other person's correct Box account.  At Purdue, this would be <careeraccount>@purdue.edu in most cases.

Solution 2:  Add the 'friendly' email address as a 'Linked Email Address' to the Box account which can't access the files.  To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the 'Account' button in the upper right corner of the Box web interface.
  2. Click 'Account Settings'.
  3. Click 'Add Email'.
  4. Add your alternate, 'friendly' email address.


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Scenario 2

You may have clicked on a direct link to the file but are not logged into Box.  Box will attempt to open the file but will not know you are authorized to use Box.  This can occur even if you are using Box Drive on your computer to view other files.

Solution: First, log into Box with your existing Box account, or create an account and log in if you do not already have one.  You must accept the Purdue Terms of Service the first time you log in.  After this is complete, click the link in the email.  If you do not see the Terms of Service, check your Box Notifications in the left-hand menu pane.  

If you are an active Purdue employee, you can create a Box account by visiting https://purdue.box.com.  Click 'Continue' and login using your Career Account credentials and two-factor authentication. 

If you are not an active Purdue employee, you can access Box by visiting https://www.box.com.  You will need to create a normal Box free (or paid) account to access the files.  Non-Purdue users must still accept the Purdue Terms of Service to access files shared from a Purdue account.

Scenario 3

You are logged into Box but were not able to acknowledge the Purdue Terms of Service.  You must agree to these terms before you will be able to access Purdue Box.

Certain browser settings can interfere with the Terms of Service notification.  

Solution: Check the 'Notifications' section of your Box.com account for the Terms of Service message.

Read and Accept the Terms of Service, then try to view the file again.  If may be necessary for the collaborator who shared the file with you to share it again.

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