TDX Adminstration: How do I view group details and memberships in TeamDynamix?


There are lots of groups defined in TeamDynamix (TDX). Knowing what technicians are in which group; who the manager is; and what type of work they do can prove valuable when routing, escalating, or coordinating with the right resources. This articles describes how a typical technician can use the TDX "People" app to view group details and members.


TDX technicians have the ability to see group details by opening the People app, searching for the group, and viewing its details.

NOTE:  When using the People app, technicians will be able to see groups used anywhere in the system. The view is not limited to groups within the ticketing apps the technicians can access and use.

You can view group details by following these instructions.

  1.  Login to TDNext
  2. If you don't have the people app already opened in its own tab (1), open the waffle menu (2) and select the People app (3).
    Image of waffle menu
  3. After the you've opened the People app, select Groups (4) from the left navigation pane.
  4. Enter your search criteria for the group(s) you are interested in (5).
  5. Once you have entered your search criteria, click the Search (6) button or press the ENTER key.
  6. Browse the list of results and click on the name (7) of the groups whose details you want to see.
    Image of searching for a group.
  7. A new window will appear allowing you to see group details.


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