Why is the Wireless Networks tab not available under the wireless network connection properties?


This generally happens when another wireless configuration utility other than Windows is set as the default wireless client.


1. Go to 'Start' and then 'Run', and in the box that pops up type 'services.msc'.

2. In the window that pops up, scroll down towards the bottom and look for Wireless Zero Configuration. Right-click on this and go to 'Properties'.

3. Under the 'General' tab, make sure that the 'Startup type' is listed as 'Automatic'.  This will make sure that this service starts every time Windows does.  Under the 'Service status' field, if the service has already started, you will need to stop it and restart it again.  If it is not started, click 'Start'.


4. Save your changes and exit.

You should now see the 'Wireless Networks' tab under the 'Windows wireless configuration' utility and should be able to create the necessary connection to the PAL3.0 network.


If the tab does not pop up under the 'Wireless Networks tab', close that menu and re-open it.


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