How do I configure Wi-Fi on my device using SecureW2?


SecureW2 is Purdue’s method of quickly and easily configuring devices to connect to our Wi-Fi network. While you still will use your Purdue career account to authenticate into campus Wi-Fi, SecureW2 allows you to configure your device prior to coming onto campus, so you’ll be ready to go the moment you arrive.  

The SecureW2 landing page should automatically detect the correct installer for your device. However, you may override the detected Operating System by the drop-down box or try the “Non-specific OS” option if your device type is not listed. 


​​​​​​​Then, once a wireless option is selected: 

  • Click ‘configure device’ 
  • In the ‘select your device type' list, select your device type.
  • Click ‘JoinNow’ 
  • Download the setup file when prompted, and note the download location 
  • Open the installer file 
  • If a security warning pops up, press ‘yes’ or ‘run’ to continue 
  • Enter your Purdue account credentials 
  • Once you see the progress message ‘Joined’, press ‘done’ to close the program 
  • NOTE: If you are not currently on campus, you will not see this message 

    You are now configured to connect to Wi-Fi either PAL3.0 or Eduroam on Purdue’s campus, and can verify your connection when you arrive in your Wi-Fi settings 


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