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Guest wifi and Guest account setup
Purdue has two available wireless networks, Eduroam and PAL (Purdue Air Link) 3.0. Both can be configured for your device (computer, smartphone, tablet) using the SecureW2 configuration tool.
What to do if the Wireless Networks tab not available under the wireless network connection properties.
Purdue Northwest has three available wireless networks: ATTWIFI, EDUROAM and PNW-Media.
SecureW2 is Purdue’s method of quickly and easily configuring devices to connect to our Wi-Fi network.
Purdue Fort Wayne residents of Student Housing can use this article to assist with registering their game consoles or streaming devices.
Purdue University Fort Wayne can now utilize a cloud-based application, SecureW2, to automate and simplify connecting devices to campus Wi-Fi.
Provides links to connect with wireless network on the Purdue West Lafayette and Purdue Fort Wayne campuses.