How are technician groups organized in TDX?


Assignment groups will be more closely aligned with organizational structure. We are moving away from cross-functional, product-based, and split teams. In TeamDynamix, technicians will belong to only one team. Managers may have multiple teams in situations where they manage two distinct groups with differing roles, responsibilities, skills, etc. 

This new direction will: 

  • Improve staff’s ability to easily identify work assigned or requested, whether it is related to incidents, service requests, RFCs, problems, or projects.  

  • Improve a supervisor’s ability to identify work trends and improvements when/where needed, whether it is related to incidents, service requests, RFCs, problems, or projects.  

  • Improve visibility into accountability and reporting. 

  • Reduce complexity to escalation and work management between and within groups. 


Group Names 

Group names will be built from the following components 

  1. “IT”: to signify this is an IT team within the TeamDynamix ecosystem. 

  1. “PFW”, “PNW”, “PWL”: to be used only for groups that are associated to one campus. 

  1. Multi-part group name: This will be the group’s descriptive identifier. Typically, multiple words will be separated by an “_”. Managers can request changes to this component. 

Each of the above three component pieces will be in all caps and separated by an “_”. 


  • Campus specific 




  • Cross campus support  




Group Configurations 

  • All FT/PT technicians will have notifications enabled. 

  • Directors and managers will have notifications disabled unless otherwise requested. This can be chosen on a per team basis. 

To assist tier 1 teams with escalation of tickets to the correct groups., escalation Instructions should be updated or created. Those instructions combined with the capability to add descriptions of functions or products a group supports to TeamDynamix. Other tier 2/3 teams could also benefit from access to this information and guidance. 


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