How to connect to Wi-Fi at Purdue Northwest (PNW)


Purdue Northwest has three available wireless networks: ATTWIFI, EDUROAM and PNW-Media.

  • EDUROAM is the primary wireless network at PNW and is available to students, faculty and staff. EDUROAM is a free, secure, worldwide network developed for the international research and education community. This network provides high-speed connectivity throughout our Hammond and Westville campuses. It is a safe method for educational institutions and their users to access the Internet.
  • ATTWIFI is a guest wireless network, intended for use by visitors and guests to PNW who are not able to use EDUROAM. (Note: Visitors from other Purdue campuses or other institutions, should use EDUROAM with their home credentials when possible. Click here for more information on EDUROAM partner organizations.)
  • PNW-Media (or calnetmedia) is only to be used by devices unable to register for EDUROAM. Examples include gaming consoles, smart TVs, and TV addon devices (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.). Devices able to authenticate to EDUROAM, such as mobile devices, laptops, tablets, computers, etc. should NOT be connected to CalnetMedia or PNW-Media.

Connecting to Purdue Northwest Wireless

To connect to EDUROAM:

  • Click here for the SecureW2 utility which will automatically configure your device for EDUROAM. If you are unable to use the SecureW2 tool, please visit this page for instructions on manually configuring your device to connect to EDUROAM.

To connect to ATTWIFI:

  • Select the attwifi network
  • Agree to ‘Acceptable Use Policy.’ You will be connected to the network
  • If you are not prompted with the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’, please open your web browser. You will be redirected to the AT&T ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ page. Once you agree to the policy, you will be granted access.

To connect devices to PNW-Media (or CALNETMEDIA):

  • Fill out this form with information about your device.
  • The PNW Customer Service Center will reply once your device is registered and give you further instructions on how to connect.

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