How do I work remotely from my personal (non-Purdue) computer and connect to my employee on-campus Desktop?


The following instructions detail how to connect from a personal (non-Purdue) Windows 10 computer to a Purdue supported, on-campus Desktop. If connecting from a different version of Windows that doesn't have Remote Desktop Connection, you may need to go to the Microsoft Store, get the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, and connect using that.


This documentation assumes the user’s account already has remote permission to the desktop in question.

NOTE:  If you are needing instructions specific for a Mac, please visit "How do I initiate a remote desktop connection using a Mac?"

NOTE:  If using a Purdue supported laptop, establishing a VPN connection is all that is needed to work remotely.  Remote desktop is only needed when connecting from a personal (non-Purdue) computer to an employee’s on-campus Desktop.

NOTE:  If remote access is needed, please contact your local IT Support staff.

NOTE:  Remote access for Purdue IT Endpoint Services supported employee desktops.  Please contact your technical coordinator (TC) to request access if you don't have it.  The Service Desk is not authorized to provide access without TC approval.

NOTE:  Remote access to your office desktop will prevent access to any locally networked devices, such as a local, personal printer.  When working remotely, it is recommended to print to ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ to enable the document to be saved then, printed out later.

Connection steps for Cisco AnyConnect VPN

  1. In the start menu under ‘Cisco’, find ‘Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client’ - click to open the application.
    NOTE:  To install AnyConnect on your personal machine – download from  You must have administrator privileges on your personal machine to install the application.  Download then, click on ‘Instructions’ and scroll down to view software installation screen shots.
  2. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen, a dialogue box appears.
    VPN connection
  3. In the dialogue box enter, ‘’ or '' (without the quotes) then, click connect.
  4. Once ‘Connect’ is selected, an additional dialogue box will appear which will prompt for username and password.  In this box, enter your username and password followed by ",push".  Then, click ‘OK’. You'll then need to authenitcate using  your device. 
    VPN login
  5. When the VPN connects successfully, the following status message appears:
    VPN connection confirmation

Connection steps for remote access to employee Purdue-supported desktop

  1. With AnyConnect running, from Windows search, enter ‘RDP’ then, select ‘Remote Desktop Connection’.
    NOTE:  If connecting from a different version of Windows that doesn't have Remote Desktop Connection, you may need to go to the Microsoft Store, get the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, and connect using that. More information about Microsoft Remote Desktop may be found at
  2. A new Window appears, enter your Purdue supported desktop’s name then, select ‘Connect’.
    NOTE:  If user name on the screen appears as ‘None specified’, click on ‘Show Options’ and enter boilerad\username – where username is your Purdue Career Account login.
    Remote Desktop Connection
  3. A new dialogue box appears, select ‘More choices’.
    Remote Desktop login
  4. After selecting ‘More choices’, select ‘Use a different account’, click ‘OK’
    Remote Desktop login credentials
  5. Your personal, off-campus machine will reach out and remotely connect to your on-campus desktop.
    NOTE:   If you experience issues, please make a note of the specific error received or take a screen shot and contact the Service Desk by clicking the 'Purdue IT Request' button on this article.
    Remote Connection confirmation
  6. Login using your Purdue Career Account username and password.
  7. When done, sign out of your remotely connected desktop and disconnect the open VPN session.
    VPN disconnect

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