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Cognos is a web-based suite of tools from IBM that offers a full range of business intelligence capabilities including reports, analysis, dashboards, scorecards, mobile BI and more.  Cognos is Purdue's primary BI tool and is used to access many of the university's BI environments including Student ODS/EDW, the Finance and HR data marts, and GM AIMS.

For additional questions about Cognos, see: How to get started with Cognos?


Information about Cognos Licenses

Users are now required to have a Cognos license AND data access to successfully run Cognos reports.

For more information visit the BICC website https://www.purdue.edu/bicc/tools/cognos/index.php. This page contains Cognos tool information as well as requesting a license and security, training information, and helpful links for authors.

There are two license types:

  1. Consumer- Is used for running existing reports.
  2. Authoring Capabilities- Is used for creating or updating existing Cognos reports.

NOTE:  Most people want to start with a Consumer license which gives them the ability to run Cognos reports created by other report authors.

How do I get Cognos Access?

https://www.purdue.edu/bicc/tools/cognos/access.php - This site explains the 3 steps needed to obtain a Cognos license.

  1. Request a Cognos license
  2. Request data access
  3. Register and complete data and tool training

If you wish to log into Cognos, please go to http://reporting.itap.purdue.edu.

Where would I find information about Cognos Tool Training?

The courses on this site are based on user role and licenses. A Cognos license is REQUIRED to take Cognos Tool Training https://www.purdue.edu/bicc/tools/cognos/training/cognos-tool-training.php

What do I need to Author Reports?

Users will need BOTH a Consumer license AND Authoring Capabilities. A supervisor, business office, or role requester will need to submit those requests.

How do I get data access (Student or Business)?

Student Data Access - https://www.purdue.edu/bicc/data/student/access.php The website explains how to request student data access as well as instructions on how to request a Cognos license.

Business Data Access - https://www.purdue.edu/bicc/data/business/access.php This website explains how to request business data access as well as instruction on how to request a Cognos license.

How can I find a field in a Student Package in Cognos?

Data-related questions regarding student reports, issues, and enhancements should first be directed to Student ODS/EDW at cognosstudenthelp@purdue.edu.

What should I do if my report in Cognos is taking a long time to complete?

Problems with reports running too long in Cognos could be either a tool or a report issue.  You can contact the Business Intelligence Competency Center BICC@purdue.edu.

NOTE:  Please provide the report name, the path you take to get to the report, and the prompts you are selecting when attempting to run the report.

What do I do if I'm getting a 'Handler Trace Back' error when trying to run a report in Cognos?

Please contact Business Intelligence Competency Center BICC@purdue.edu and include a FULL screenshot of any error messages you receive.  

NOTE:  Please provide the report name, the path you take to get to the report, and the prompts you are selecting when attempting to run the report.

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