How to conduct Change Enablement in Team Dynamix (TDX)


This article is designed to help Purdue IT to understand how to manage the Change processes in TDX. 

To better understand the processes. terminology and work flow for Change Enablement, see "What is Change Enablement (Change Enablement Quick Reference Guide)

The videos below explain how to conduct Change Enablement in the TDX tool, including how to access the Change Enablement desktop, how to create and complete and RFC, and how to review and vote on an RFC. 

How-to videos

To enlarge the videos below for better viewing, click on the "full screen" arrow buttons near the bottom left corner of each video. To view these videos outside of the knowledge base article, click here to watch in Kaltura Mediaspace. 


Using Change Enablement Desktops in TDX

This video describes how to use the Change Enablement desktop in Team Dynamix and is intended for viewing by Purdue IT professionals.

Creating and completing an RFC in TDX

This video provides instruction for creating and completing an RFC in Team Dynamix and is intended for use by Purdue IT professionals.

Voting and Reviewing RFCs

This video provides instructions for reviewing and voting on RFCs in Team Dynamix and is intended for Purdue IT professionals.

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