How do I report an unscheduled IT interruption?


Large, unscheduled IT interruptions are displayed on the Purdue IT homepage  Please check there to see if we already have an unplanned IT  interruption.

 If you feel that you are experiencing an unscheduled interruption of service, please contact the Purdue IT Service Desk by phone at (765) 494-4000.  If you are calling after normal business hours, you may press "0" at the prompt and your call will be routed to the Operations Center.


NOTE:  Due to the urgent nature of an service interruption, it is recommended that it be reported via phone rather than email. This allows the Service Desk to start the confirmation and resolution processes immediately. Also, because systems such as email may be affected by a service interruption, communicating by phone is the more reliable option.

You can expect the following:

If a service interruption has not yet been reported, you will be asked a series of questions to help us get a better idea of the extent of the problem. Depending on the service, different questions may be asked. Generally, we ask: 

  • Where you are located? 
  • Are others in your area having problems? If so, approximately how many? 
  • Have you tried logging in at another computer? 
  • What is the error message or what behavior do you see? 
  • When did you first notice the problem?
  • If the interruption has been reported already, we will let you know. 
  • If the interruption has been confirmed, we will also let you know. 


Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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