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Directions on how to export data into Qualtrics. 


Exporting data into Qualtrics:

  1. Go to the Data section of the Data & Analysis tab.
  2. Click Export & Import.
  3. Select Export Data.
  4. Choose your desired file format:
    • CSV: Compatible with Excel and suitable for English-speaking respondents.
    • TSV: Better for special characters or non-English alphabets.
    • Excel: Export to XSLX format (not importable back into Qualtrics).
    • XML: Can be opened in Excel (not importable back into a survey).
    • SPSS: Compatible with SPSS statistical software.
    • User Submitted Files: For File Upload or Signature questions.
  5. Optionally, select Download All Fields.
  6. Decide whether to download data with numeric values or choice text.
  7. Explore additional export options under More Options.
  8. Click Download.

For SPSS downloads:

  • SPSS files are in SAV format.
  • If you encounter issues with international characters, consider changing the Character Encoding for Data and Syntax to Unicode in SPSS (version 16 or later).
  • SPSS Syntax Files and Corresponding Data Files are available for advanced users.

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