How do I connect a device to the wifi if it isn't a Computer or Smartphone?

PAL-Gadgets is a wireless network set up on the Purdue West Lafayette campus to allow non-traditional Smart devices to connect to WiFi.  This can include devices such as Televisions, VR headsets, Amazon Echo, etc...

PNW-Media is the equivalent on the Purdue Northwest campus.  This will also sometimes show as Calnet Media

*note - PNW-Media is also the network used for PNW student dorms at this time

These networks are available for Faculty and Staff to use for University needs.  In order to fulfill this request, a few key pieces of information will be needed:

  1. The MAC Address of the devices(s)
    • This can generally be located in the settings menu of a device, and sometimes is on a sticker attached to the device itself.
  2. The Building and room number the device will be located in
  3. The type of device being requested

**Wireless Cameras are not allowed on campus without PUPD approval and are therefore not permitted to be added to PAL-Gadgets**

The network is not available throughout all of campus so the room number is needed to see if it is available and if not, to activate it

For student residence hall requests in Purdue West Lafayette, please see the article relating to UR Home
For PNW requests please see the article for PNW wireless


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