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Overview article on how to set up Duo Mobile for Purdue Login authentication



The Purdue login system utilizes 2-Factor Authentication protections to validate log ins and access. The first factor is your career account username (alias) and career account password. This is commonly referred to as Purdue Web SSO (Single Sign On) for web applications. The second factor is commonly the Duo Universal Prompt on your smartphone and provides several methods to verify your identity.


The Purdue Login Screen

When visiting a Purdue Web SSO-protected application such as or, you will encounter the Purdue login screen.


A screen shot of the login screen

You will need to enter your career account username and password then click on “Log in”.

If you are having trouble logging in, click on “Need help?”. There are options available for activating your account, resetting your password by answering challenge questions, and resetting your password if you know your current password. BoilerBot may be accessed from here, and should be able to assist you with reseting your password if you have access to your email, or it can provide a bypass code for the Duo Universal Prompt. Finally, it has links to each campus’s IT support website.

The Duo Universal Prompt

After successfully entering your career account username and password on the Purdue login screen, you will come to the Duo Universal Prompt. If this is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to set up Duo. This is explained in further detail below under “Setting Up Duo”.

If you have already set up Duo, you will see a prompt to verify your identity (example image available below). The method displayed will default to whatever you last used to verify.

A screen shot of a computer screenDescription automatically generated

Other verification methods are available, depending on what you have set up by clicking on “Other options” (example image below). The options available are explained in further detail, below, under “Duo Verification Methods”.

A screenshot of a phoneDescription automatically generated

If you are having difficulty completing verification, you can click on “other options”, then click on “Bypass Code”. A bypass code can be obtained by going to and following the prompts. Service Desk contact information can be found by clicking on “Need help?” at the bottom of the duo prompt.

 After completing verification, you will be redirected to the website you are attempting to access.

Setting Up Duo

On your first login to a Purdue Web SSO-protected application, you will be prompted to set up Duo. Please follow the on-screen prompts. More information on the available verification methods is provided below, under “Duo Verification Methods”.

To set up Duo on your mobile device: 

Download Duo Mobile on your Apple or Android Device

iOS App Store Download for Duo Mobile    Google Play Store Download for Duo Mobile

If you require any additional assistance, please call your campus’s IT Service Desk. Contact information is available by clicking on “Need help?” at the bottom of the Duo prompt.

Duo Verification Methods

A list of available verification methods and a description of their use is available below.

  • Duo Push: This option is available if you have set up the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. By selecting this method, a push notification will be sent to the Duo Mobile app. You will need to tap on “Approve” to complete verification. This method requires that your is connected to the internet.
  • Duo Mobile Passcode: This option is available if you have set up the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. You will be prompted to enter a 6 digit passcode. This passcode can be found in the Duo Mobile app. Tap on your account name in the app (by default it is named Purdue University) and you should see a 6-digit code next to the word “Passcode”. Enter this number to complete verification. This method does not require an internet connection. Each passcode is valid for approximately 30 seconds. You can obtain a new passcode by tapping on “Refresh passcode”.
  • Bypass Code: This option is available to users who have lost, for whatever reason, access to their device and/or app. A bypass code can be obtained by going to and following the prompts.
  • Hardware Token Passcode: This option is available if you have requested or purchased a hardware token. By selecting this method, you will be prompted for a 6-digit passcode. Press the hardware token’s button to generate a 6-digit passcode, then enter that passcode in the prompt.

Managing Duo Devices

You can manage your devices at the Duo Universal Prompt by clicking on “Other Options”, then click on “Manage devices”.  You will be required to complete verification in order to manage your devices.

Other options screen, with "Manage Devices" highlighted with arrow

If you are already signed in and are having difficulty accessing the Duo Universal Prompt, simply navigate to a Purdue Web SSO-protected application (such as or on a web browser you have not signed in with yet, or through a “private” or “incognito” tab on the web browser you’re currently using. Please refer to your web browser’s support for more information. Alternatively, you can sign out of any application you’re signed into.

In the device management portal you can add a new device or click on “I have a new phone” on a device you’ve replaced.

Troubleshooting Tips

If any of the troubleshooting tips below do not resolve your issue then please contact your campus’s Purdue IT Service Desk. Contacting information is available by clicking on “Need help?” at the bottom of the Duo Universal Prompt or Purdue login screen.

I’m not receiving push notifications: First verify that your device has a good internet connection (WiFi, mobile data, etc). Next, make sure you have the Duo Mobile app open and try logging in again.

I forgot my password: Go to and follow the prompts to reset you career account password.

I have a new device/lost my previous device: Please follow the instructions under “Managing Duo Devices” to navigate to the device management portal and add a new or replace your previous device(s).

I need a bypass code: Go to and follow the prompts to receive a bypass code.

My Duo Mobile Passcode isn’t working: Tap on “Refresh passcode” and enter the new passcode. Each passcode is valid for approximately 30 seconds. If you are still having issues, make sure your device’s time and date settings are properly set. Refer to your device manufacturer’s support for more information.

My PIN,push password is no longer working: As of 05/18/2024 using the PIN,push password format has been discontinued. Please use your career account password to sign in.

My Password,push password is no longer working but Duo is awaiting a response: if you have multiple devices added to your account, please use Password,push# where # is the order in which you added your devices (so enter: your Career Account password, the word push, and the number of the device you are authenticating on). For example. Password,push2 or Password,push3..


Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.



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