How can I update my profile in TDX as a technician?


This is a guide for technicians on how to update their profile in TDX and what fields they can change.



The following is a guide for technicians on how to update their profile in TDX and what fields they can change.

For a general guide on updating tickets, see the article "How to update tickets in TDX as a technician." For video tutorials on the Service Request and Incident practices, and how to use the TDNext portal to create, review, and update tickets, see the article "Incident and Service Request best practices in TDX (TeamDynamix )."

NOTE: When updating your profile, please remember that peers, customers, and leadership will see whatever you change.


When working in TDNext, follow these steps:  

  1. Click your name in the top right of the screen.
  2. In the menu that appears, click ‘My Profile.’ This will open your TDX user record/detail info in a new window.

    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)You may also open this window by clicking your name from a ticket/task where you are the requestor or assignee.
  3. You can edit fields on both the ‘General’ and ‘Settings’ tabs by going to the appropriate tab and clicking “Edit.” Remember to click “Save” once you have finished your changes.

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On the ‘General’ tab, you may:
- Set your nickname. There are limited concerns with setting any nickname of your choosing. However, this may only really be useful for response templates (and the template would have to be using a nickname tag). This does not affect how your name appears in TDNext when assigned to a ticket, etc.

- Upload a profile picture. If adding a picture, this is probably best to be a photo headshot so a customer can identify you.

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- Change your first name. If you choose to edit your first name, understand that it may be overwritten in our nightly processes if your record gets updated for any reason and/or the directory syncs. You'll have to monitor it yourself and reset it if that happens. If this is a regular occurrence, you may also request a permanent name update upstream if applicable (upstream referring to your official Purdue record/directory info).

NOTE: Do not change any other fields.

On the ‘Settings’ tab, you may:

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- Add or edit a technician signature. You can also check the boxes to automatically apply your signature to “all updates and new comments for Tickets and Ticket Tasks” and/or “all replies for Tickets and Ticket Tasks.”

- Edit your feed options. You may check the box to have ticket feeds default to showing only Communication-Type messages. More information about the Communications Feed may be found at Working with the Feed.

-Edit your TDNext notification settings. You may check the boxes to show a summary on startup (mainly showing if you have any pending items) and/or to allow status update alerts/notifications.

Startup summary example:

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If needing to edit or create a new TDX record for someone else, like for example if a ticket is being entered on behalf of someone external to Purdue, the service desk can take care of that. You can submit a general ticket (or possibly a task) with the information that needs to be added/changed.



Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.



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