Incident and Service Request best practices in TDX (TeamDynamix )


The following information is designed to help Purdue IT technicians respond to and record Incident and Service Requests using the TDX platform and the Purdue IT Ticketing Application.  The videos below are intended to provide an overview of best practices as well as practical information for documenting, responding and resolving both incidents and service requests. 

For an overview of terms and guidelines for updating tickets, see "How to update tickets in TDX as a technician."

Instructional videos

Incident and Service Request: Process

An incident is an unplanned interruption to a service or a reduction in the quality of a service. A service request is a request that initiates a service action which is a normal part of service delivery. 

Incident and Service Requests: Desktops

This video provides an overview of the TDNext ticketing portal inside of the portal. 

Incident and Service Requests: Creating tickets

This video will provide guidance on how to create tickets in the TDNext Portal. 

Incident and Service Request: Reviewing and Updating tickets

Guidance for reviewing and updating tickets using the TDNext portal. 

Additional Guidance

Below are links to knowledge base articles maintained by TeamDynamix which may be useful for furthering your understanding of TDNext: 

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