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This document is a tutorial for Listserv, a tool that allows users to create and manage email lists. It explains how to log in, configure a list, add owners, moderators, and editors, and set notification and review options.
Instructions for logging into ListServ.
If you have any questions about a specific list, direct them to the list owner. The list owner is always reachable by email at an address formatted like this:
Instructions fo making a list visible on the front listserv page.
LISTSERV is an email list management software program.
Instructions for how to subscribe or unsubscribe to a Listserv mailing list
Instructions for allowing all email from addresses to post to your Listserv list.
Instructions for deleting a Listserv mailing list.
An overview of the Purdue university mailing list service terms of use
Instructions how any Purdue faculty or staff member can have a Listserv created for official, academic, research, and/or administrative duties.
The use of the domain enables the Mailhub group to offer this service to a wider audience, provide mailing list-specific features, and clearly mark the address as a mailing list (not an individual’s email address).
Instructions for allowing non-subscribers to post to a Listserv.