What are the Purdue university mailing list service terms of use?

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Purdue University provides the Mailing List Service for activities and associated administrative functions supporting its mission of learning, discovery, and engagement. Use of the Mailing List Service is subject to Purdue University policies, in particular the policies described in Use of Electronic Mail and IT Resource Acceptable Use Policy.


Acceptable Use

The Mailing List Service is to be used for University-related educational, research, and administrative purposes. Any use of the Mailing List Service that interferes with University activities and functions or does not respect the image and reputation of Purdue University is improper.

It is the subscriber's responsibility to determine the purpose of a Purdue University mailing list before subscribing or sending messages to the list. Persons subscribed to a Purdue University mailing list will be viewed as having solicited any material delivered by the list, as long as that material is consistent with the purpose of the list.


Purdue University mailing lists may be established by Purdue faculty, students, staff and other individual and entities granted official Purdue email privileges at Purdue University. Access to individual mailing lists is controlled by the individual list owners.

All Purdue University mailing lists must have at least one owner who has a valid and active official Purdue University email account of the form username@purdue.edu. Any list that does not have a valid and active Purdue owner may be removed from the system. Warning will be given to list owners and list members before such lists are discontinued.

Consequences of Illegal or Improper Actions

Actions that are illegal or that are against Purdue University policy will be referred to the appropriate officials. Actions that are in violation of the Terms of Use will result in the blocking of posts from offending subscribers, removal of offending subscribers from lists or the removal of lists.

The Mailing List Service administrators may monitor user activities and access any of the services files or information in the course of performing normal system maintenance or while investigating policy violations or improper use. Anyone using Purdue University mailing list resources expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, Purdue will provide the evidence to law enforcement officials.

Additional Improper Actions

In addition to any actions prohibited by federal or state laws and policies, or by Purdue University policies, the following specific actions and uses of Purdue University Mailing List Facilities are improper:

  1. Concealing or misrepresenting names or affiliations in Purdue University mailing list names.
  2. Using Purdue University mailing lists for organized political activity or political solicitation.
  3. Sending any email to a Purdue University mailing list that is not consistent with the purpose of the list. Messages not relevant to the purpose of the list will be viewed as unsolicited email.
  4. Continuing to send email to a Purdue University mailing list after the list owner has requested that the user stop sending to the list because they are not following the guidelines or topic established for the list.
  5. Harvesting email addresses from another mailing list in order to establish a Purdue University mailing list. It is permissible to post a message to a closely related list to invite people to subscribe to another Purdue University mailing list.
  6. Harvesting email addresses without proper authority from an institution's directory, password file or any other source to establish a Purdue University mailing list.
  7. Harvesting email addresses from a Purdue University mailing list for use other than the intended purpose of the mailing list.
  8. Subscribing any email address to a Purdue University mailing list except with proper authority or the individual's permission.

List Service Administration

Lists that are determined to not be active for extended periods will be subject to removal. Warning will be given to list owners and list members before such lists are discontinued.

The Mailing List Administrators reserve the right to trim archives for lists with archives that grow too large. A message will be sent to list owners before trimming such archives.

This Terms of Use statement is subject to modification. While a message will be sent to list owners if major changes are necessary, all users of the Mailing List Service should regularly verify that their use of the service conforms to the policies in the current Terms of Use statement.


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