Ag - What network drives can I access?


This article contains information about network drives that are available to users in the College of Agriculture.


Below is a detailed list of the College of Agriculture's mapped drives. 



(Mac) - smb://<username>

  • Campus-wide shared drive that is mapped on all campus machines.



(Mac Campus) - smb://<DEPT>/Users/<username>

(Extension) - \\42<COUNTY, DO, or PAC>\home\users\<username>

(Mac Extension) - smb://42<COUNTY, DO, or PAC><username>

  • User-specific folder. User is the only person who should have access to this.



(Mac) - smb:// 

  • Folders that can be shared throughout the Agriculture College. Requires permission to create the folder and allow access for users. Used for college-wide shared projects.



(Mac Campus) - smb://<DEPT>

(Extension) - \\42<COUNTY, DO, or PAC>\home

(Mac Extension) - smb://42<COUNTY, DO, or PAC>

  • Folders that can be shared throughout a department. These folders are accessible by the entire department and should only contain files that anyone in a given department is allowed to access. 



(Mac) - smb:// 

  • Unsecured folders that can be shared throughout the College of Agriculture. These can be seen by all Agriculture users and is periodically purged. Don’t save anything important here or at least make sure there’s a backup somewhere. Used to quickly and easily share an unsecured file with many people throughout the College of Agriculture.

             NOTE: You will need to have the correct department/extension permissions assigned to your username to gain access to these mapped drives.


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