What are mailing lists?

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Purdue University provides the Mailing List Service for activities and associated administrative functions supporting its mission of learning, discovery, and engagement.


  1. A mailing list is a collection of names and addresses which enable the distribution of a message to multiple recipients. Mailing lists enable subscribers to discuss or disseminate information via email.
  2. Mailing lists are most often used for collaboration on various projects and a way of distributing current new and other information. They are also used as discussion lists. A subscriber uses the mailing list to communicate with all other subscribers, who can then respond. 
  3. Why use mailing lists instead of email client address book? 

    An address book can only be used by you (though there are ways to share distribution lists and configure global address books). A Listserv mailing list is available to anyone with a Purdue email address who can send email.


    Who do I contact if I have questions about Mailing Lists that the Knowledge Base doesn't answer?

    For questions that are not answered by the existing FAQ items, email can be sent to messaging-tickets@purdue.edu. You can also visit the LSoft Listserv Documentation Site at https://www.lsoft.com/resources/manuals.asp.

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