How do I fix a http error 400 bad request error?


  • User is seeing “http error 400” when attempting to access a website 


  • Various internet browsers 


A “HTTP Error 400” response attempting to connect to a website may be due to multiple reasons. Here are the most common methods to fix the error:  

  1. Clear your browser’s  cache and cookies 

  1. Disable browser extensions (use the web to search for instructions for your specific browser and device) 

  1. Check to see if you are using the correct URL address 

  1. Review/ensure proper file size (if sending files) 

  • Sending large files to a server can trigger error 400. You may see a “400 Bad Request” error message if your request exceeds the file upload limit of the server. The simplest solution is to compress your files. 

  1. Restarting device. 

  • Restarting your device or your network connection may resolve the bad error request.  

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