How to know what KBs are in need of review


Updating and reviewing knowledge articles is crucial to maintaining an accurate and helpful knowledge base. This article shows you how to create a desktop in TDX that shows you a list of articles owned by your group that are due for review or are set to be reviewed in the next 30 days.  

The manager desktop in TDNext already contains this report, but any technician can create the desktop if they are tasked with maintaining their team’s knowledge articles. 


  1. Open your TDNext application 

  1. Select +New Desktop 

  1. Name the new desktop My group’s KB articles in Need of Review. Click Save. 

  1. Select the Edit Layout Button, then the option with one column at 100% 

  1. Under Available Content, Open the “Purdue IT Tickets” button, then scroll down until you see the card that says “My KB’s Past or Near Review Date”  

  1. Drag card to the right, under “Column 1” and click Save 

  1. Close out window and return to Technician Desktop 

  1. Open the desktop drop down menu in the upper right corner, and select the new desktop “My KBs Past or Near Review Date” (you may need to refresh the page before that option is available).  

  1. This Dashboard will show you any KBs that are in need or review and any articles that are due for review within the next 30 days 

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